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PRE-SCHOOL: SUIKERBEKKIES GRADE R GROUP Currently about 25 grade R and 10 grade RR children of the Wolmer area are attending the Suikerbekkies Pre-school at TNO, where attention is directed at a wide spectrum of their development. The school follows the curriculum stipulated by the Gauteng Department of Education. The children attend the pre-school daily from 07:00 to 12:00. During this time they receive tuition as well as breakfast, lunch and an in-between snack. Many of these children lag behind in their development and are environmentally and educationally challenged. They receive remedial attention from an educational psychologist, when needed. These services are delivered at discount or free of charge.  When entering grade 1, the children are provided with school uniforms, school bags and stationery which are all donated. The Avante Women’s Agricultural Union branch at Wolmer provides much assistance and support to this project.  (For more information see the section on the Avante Women’s Agricultural Union branch at TNO)
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