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THE POP PRETORIUS AFTER SCHOOL CENTRE This centre is still the backbone and pride of the organisation. It includes economic, physical and psychological support by a team of kind hearted volunteers and donors. An average of 120 children between grades 1 to 12 attend the after school centre. They have the opportunity to do their homework under the supervision of volunteers on a daily basis.  Lunch is served daily before they start with their school tasks. The relationship between the children and staff is a lifeline for many of the children. Many return for visits long after they have left the centre. The children have a media centre with internet available and a well-stocked library where they can consult magazines, dictionaries, reference books and other reading matter.  The children are provided with school uniforms, schoolbags and stationery – all provided by kind hearted donors. The children’s excellent performance is a big reward for all involved.  Many of the children are top performers and leaders in their schools.  A sad fact is that many children had to be turned away this year because of a lack of space and facilities.
Children queuing for stationary and back to school packages. All items bought using donations made by kind hearts in the Pretoria community. January 2014
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