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AVANTE WOMEN’S AGRICULTURAL UNION AT TNO  The Avante Women’s Agricultural Union branch developed as part of the Wolmer Community project. They are a group of enthusiastic women from this area who have weekly meetings at the organisation where they are taught new skills based on the curriculum of the Women’s Agricultural Union (WAU). Some of the members generate income by means of the skills they acquired.  They also actively contribute towards the Wolmer project’s functioning for instance by offering a week long holiday programme for 25 learners from grade 1 to 12 where they are actively and creatively engaged. They also contribute cash, purchase vegetables, pack these and make it available to needy families in the community monthly. They are actively involved with the Suikerbekkies Grade R group by obtaining funding for new projects for them and for instance making pinafores, providing activities like decorating cup cakes which the women had baked, taking the children on outings and many more. During Christmas time they present a Christmas programme and a lavish meal for the aged in the community. This group will appreciate donations of wool and material which can be used for their crafts as well as equipment which are in working condition which will enable them to learn new crafts.
The ladies of the Womens Agricultural Union : Avante Branch
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