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The Winterveld Development Centre Winterveld is an area bordering Mabopane and Soshanguve. The biggest problem in this area is unemployment and the resultant poverty.  Based on the success with the services rendered by three staff members who were supported by TNO and a few unpaid volunteers who provided assistance to the community since 2010, the Gauteng Department of Social Development decided to finance the project. One of the aims of the centre is to provide information and referral services to the community through its trained staff. Life skills are taught for example how to compile a CV and how to prepare for a job interview. The purpose of the referral and information service as well as the training programmes offered, is to enable candidates to qualify for a job and enter the labour market. Computer skills and advanced computer skills are training programmes that are offered by skilled staff from the centre in house. The Department also provides funds for programmes offered by external institutions. Computerised cashier skills, forklift training, electrical home wiring and domestic worker training are examples of such training programmes. One of the biggest challenges is to assist candidates who completed the training, to find employment. As work opportunities are very limited, this is a difficult challenge. Should you be in a position to provide placements or know of placements for candidates who have completed their training programmes, please contact Mishack Mahlangu (see Contact us).
Some of the Wolmer community members went for basic computer skills training at the Winterveld Development Centre. They enjoyed it very much!
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