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POVERTY ALLEVIATION Provision of Food  Food parcels are provided on a monthly basis to about 200 registered households and individuals. Fruit and vegetables are provided to clients on a weekly basis, and bread and buns on a daily basis. Learners receive a hot meal every day. Daily Preparation and Provision of Meals The kitchen is indeed a very busy place in order to provide approximately 200 meals per day. Last year nearly 21400 meals were provided. It requires a lot of inventiveness and skill to provide a balanced and tasteful meal within a limited budget daily. Donations of perishable products such as vegetables, fruit and meat as well as tinned food are highly appreciated and put to good use by these skilful ladies who prepare the meals. Material Assistance The clothing/utility store provides in the needs with regard to clothing, linen, blankets and a diversity of household items which are mostly donated, highly appreciated and put to good use.  In 2018 we assisted 3817 people.
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