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TNO NEEDS YOUR SUPPORT TNO depends on your continued support, donations and contributions in order to maintain its assistance to its clients. We appreciate every donation received and put it to good use. Continuous Needs: Our primary need is for all kinds of food - perishable and non-perishable - and in particular sugar, soya, bread, maize meal, canned fish / meat, jam, peanut butter, margarine and cooking oil. Some of these items form part of the approximately 200 food parcels which are provided on a monthly basis to the needy. We have cooling facilities and welcome perishable goods such as vegetables, fruit and meat. Toilet paper and toiletries: toothpaste, toothbrushes and shampoos.  Disposable nappies for babies, toddlers and adults who are incontinent. Baby formula.  Clothing for men, women and children of all ages and sizes are appreciated.  Plastic bags (shopping bags) – these serve as packaging for goods distributed.  We can also use any redundant item in your home which is in a working condition including electrical appliances, furniture, crockery, kitchen utensils, curtains, blankets, building material, etc. You can either deliver these at 488 Bakenkloof Street, Wolmer, or you can contact us to collect your contributions. As with most non-profit organisations our main need is for financial support. This enables us to alleviate distress where it is most needed or to buy items which are required. Donations qualify for a section 18A tax certificate, which will be provided on request.  To make a donation please use below banking details Tshwane North Outreach Bank:  NEDBANK Pretoria North  Account number:  11569 20329 Branch code:  198765 Non-profit Organisation:  005-199NPO or use the below PayPal option
Non-profit Organisation 005-199NPO