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OUR MISSION TNO’s mission is to assist the communities it serves in the development and maintenance of welfare programmes and projects to meet their needs on a non-profit basis and with altruistic intent.  It endeavours to achieve this goal by providing assistance on various levels to these communities inter alia by: Providing material and financial assistance to individuals and families to alleviate poverty. Providing employment opportunities. Providing health care to the children via volunteer professionals who offer their services free of charge or at discount and also in collaboration with local health clinics.   Creating development opportunities as can be seen under the heading “Ways to get involved.” Making professional welfare services available through the services of the social worker at this organisation, and the social workers at various other welfare organisations. Mobilising and training of volunteers to partake in achieving the said objectives. This organisation provides numerous opportunities for volunteers to get involved. The execution of its services is to a large extent based on the assistance provided by its volunteers. Developing and co-ordinating programmes and projects to attain the objectives.  Refer to all the programmes and projects under the heading “Ways to get Involved”. Assisting independent upcoming welfare organisations within the organisation’s jurisdiction. The assistance rendered by Motswedi wa Lerato to about 20 organisations gives evidence of this goal being achieved. Facilitating  of partnerships, networks and collaboration with government departments, churches, the commercial world and welfare organisations to  further the goals of the organisation is receiving serious attention in all respects. Excellent relationships exist between the organisation and these bodies as you will observe under the various sections.
Community members of Wolmer queuing on Friday mornings from about 06:00 in the morning to receive food parcels.
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