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OUR SPONSORS AND DONORS TNO is very fortunate in having sponsors and donors who contribute in various ways and in many cases on a regular basis.   We regularly receive goods such as clothes, blankets, household items, stationery, toys, groceries and fresh produce such as vegetables, fruit, bread and meat and also money.  We also receive assistance in many other forms, for instance transport, expertise, professional services, time and interest. These contributions are made by individuals, groups, shops, businesses, congregations, as well as groups in congregations and other organisations and also by the Gauteng Department of Social Development. The Department of Social Development subsidises the Drop-in Centre situated at Wolmer by financing the following posts: a cook, 5 Extended Public Works Programme (EPWP) workers, 4 caregivers, one administrative assistant and one social worker. This enables the organisation to serve the children at the organisation and the community of Wolmer more effectively. OUR BIGGEST SPONSORS: We appreciate every donation and sponsorship. Here are a few of our biggest sponsors:  A Big Thank You to all our donors, helpers, supporters and volunteers who assist the organisation in numerous ways. Your support, assistance and involvement is essential for TNO to continue its services to its communities and alleviating the plight of the needy. To make a donation please use below banking details   Tshwane North Outreach Bank:  NEDBANK Pretoria North  Account number:  11569 20329 Branch code:  198765 Non-profit Organisation:  005-199NPO or use the below PayPal option
CHURCHES AND CHURCH DENOMINATIONS THAT SUPPORT US: A.G.S, Evangelies Gereformeerd, Gereformeerd Hatfield Christian Church, Hervormd, Nederduits Gereformeerd, V.E.K. Lofdal, Spearpoint Ministries
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Non-profit Organisation 005-199NPO